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How do I redeem rewards?

Install the extension, visit the online store, and you will see the window with the option to pay with rewards on the store's final payment page.

Once the extension is installed on your browser, you can visit the online store where you want to purchase. On the payment page, you will see the Rewardsweb flag, and our window will appear with the number of rewards (miles, points, etc.) needed to make the purchase. You can select the rewards program(s) you want to redeem and follow these steps:

  1. Select the currency, enter the purchase value, and click "Calculate" to see the reward amount to use.
  2. Click the button "Generate Re.Card" to pay with rewards.
  3. A virtual credit card, "Re.Card," will be generated for you to use as your payment method for completing the purchase. When providing your Re.Card information to a merchant: Enter the same name and document details you registered on your merchant account.

Important:  We recommend using your Re.Card within the first 24 hours of issuance to facilitate your purchase.




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