How does Rewardsweb work?

We make managing your rewards easy and secure:

  • Rewardsweb allows you to shop at your favorite online stores by turning your rewards into money. Do you want to use your miles to buy a tablet? Rewardsweb will enable you to use your points, miles, etc., on sites like Amazon, eBay, and Mercado Libre.
  • Don't have enough rewards in a program to buy what you want? No problem! Rewardsweb allows you to combine rewards from different participating programs to make a purchase.
  • Do you want to maximize your rewards? Rewardsweb gives exclusive offers and promotions with which you can earn points, miles, etc., from your favorite programs.

How can you get started with Rewardsweb?

  1. Download the Rewardsweb extension on your computer's Chrome browser
  2. Create your Rewardsweb account
  3. Add your loyalty programs. Can't find your programs? Request activation of your programs here; in the meantime, you can earn Cashback when you shop with Rewardsweb.
  4. Select one of the enabled merchants, and before finalizing your purchase, you will see the option to use your rewards to get a Re.Card (Virtual credit card) to pay your order.


If you still have questions, please contact us by submitting a request:

📩  Help center.