Why the earned rewards do not appear?

The store takes 72 hours to reflect the rewards earned.

If you don't see your rewards reflected in the store after 72 hours, it could be for one of these reasons.

  1. You may not have used the store link in the "Buy & Earn" section of your Rewardsweb account. It's essential to press this link every time you want to buy and earn rewards to ensure that the store recognizes your session and credits you with rewards for your valid purchases.
  2. If you use the extension to earn rewards. It's possible that you may have forgotten to press the "Activate now" button when entering the accumulation store with the Rewardsweb extension, which could mean that your purchase accumulation was not recorded.
  3. If your purchase still needs to be completed or was canceled, the accrual is voided and won't appear in your Rewardsweb account.

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