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What are the statuses of the Re.Card?

The Re.Card has the following statuses:

  1. Active. The Re.Card is active for 7 days from the issue date for use and charges.

  2. Inactive. The Re.Card is inactivated 7 days after the date of issue and does not allow any charges.

  3. Completed. The Re.Card is completed 3 days after becoming inactive. If you have an available balance, the rewards (Miles, points, etc.) are automatically returned to your loyalty program account.

  4. Refund requested. When you request a refund of the redemption. To find out how long it remains in this status, consult:
    How long does it take for my rewards to be returned?

  5. When your refund request is completed, and the rewards are refunded to your account.

    Important: The Re.Card is only a means of payment. If you wish to follow up or make complaints about your purchase, contact the merchant of purchase directly.