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Why couldn't I cancel a redemption?

If the merchant made the payment, it is impossible to cancel the redemption.

If the "Request Return" option does not appear on the redemption, it is due to one of the following reasons:

  1. If the merchant makes charges and subsequently applies a refund, the interbank process may take approximately 15 business days.  As soon as you receive the refund on the Re.Card, the "Request refund" option will be activated so that you can manage the refund, and the rewards will be credited to your account.
  2. If the merchant authorizes charges, you must contact them to request the reversal or cancellation of the authorization made on the Re.Card. As soon as the merchant releases the authorization of charges, the "Request return" option will be activated so you can manage the return, and the rewards will be credited to your Rewardsweb account.

    If the merchant does not reverse or cancel the authorization of charges within 90 days, you receive the automatic refund to your account after this period. If your Miles expire, they return with an extended expiration date.

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